Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Black & White Wednesday!

Here's a peek at a date night I shot this week of two newlyweds! More to come tomorrow. 
b&w wednesday 7-23-14

b&w wednesday 7-23-14

And the below black and white images were taken using the One Hour Photo app. I was introduced to this app (it's free by the way) by my fellow photog, Michael's instagram feed. And then he further explained it in this blog post. Here's the skinny: there are no settings in this app, so you simply take a photo, watch the screen turn white, and wait 60 minutes (yep, that's one whole hour) for the image to turn up in your phone's photo album complete with a black and white filter.

What's the point of an app like this you might ask? Michael puts it best (and I couldn't agree more):

"There’s something very zen about the whole experience. It quite literally takes away my usual perfectionism and attention to detail and makes me take photos of moments and let them pass. "

Try it! It's kinda cool to have to wait. Something we're not very used to these days.

b&w wednesday 7-23-14

b&w wednesday 

b&w wednesday 7-23-14

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Zoe: High School Senior Portraits

Zoe Senior Portraits-001

If I've learned anything about high school seniors it's that they all begin their photo shoots timid, nervous and slightly uncomfortable in their own skin. Seriously, I can't tell you how many 18 year-olds have expressed anxiety over being alone in front of the camera. And I also can't tell you how many end up splashing in fountains, taking a dip in a swampy pond, channeling their inner hero and absolutely owning who they are in that exact space in time. I am inspired by their ability to be in the moment, to know they are standing on the edge of great change in their lives, and to live it to its fullest.

It's pretty freaking cool to get to document these moments.

Zoe Senior Portraits-002

Zoe Senior Portraits-003

Zoe Senior Portraits-004

Zoe Senior Portraits-005

Zoe Senior Portraits-006

Zoe Senior Portraits-007

Zoe Senior Portraits-008

Zoe Senior Portraits-009

Zoe Senior Portraits-010

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Portraits: La Canada, CA

Julie's Headshots-000

I love people. I love interacting with people, hearing their stories, and getting brief glimpses into their lives. When I met Julie a couple of weeks ago, it hit me all over again why photography is so special to me - it's the people.

Julie contacted me about shooting some headshots for her before she moved to Austin, TX. She is pursuing a career as a real estate agent and needed images of her pretty face to use on professional literature. I've shot headshots for real estate agents before, but was super excited about this one - she brought her dogs with her! Despite the unusual humidity of the day for southern California, I can definitely say that she rocked this shoot (and so did Penny and Winny!).

Julie's Headshots-001

Julie's Headshots-002

Julie's Headshots-003

Julie's Headshots-004
Julie's Headshots-005

We were able to sneak in some family portraits into this shoot as well! They have such great smiles.
Julie's Headshots-006

Julie's Headshots-007

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Black & White Wednesday!

It's that time of week when only black and white will do...

This is my new favorite picture of all time.
b&w wednesday-000

We met our 10 day old niece today. She was perfect.
b&w wednesday-001

Doesn't everyone bend as low as they can when they toast? It's a sign of honor. Actually, I have no idea why they do this, but it makes me smile. Cheers!
b&w wednesday-002

This was taken the day that we drove out of Tulsa and headed to California. I miss her something fierce, but especially lately as I've been (re)reading Harry Potter. She was my Harry Potter soulmate.
b&w wednesday-003

And these clouds. Oh, these clouds.
b&w wednesday-004

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Sister Shoot: Pasadena, CA


One sister graduated from college a month ago. The other begins her senior year of college a month from now. These events are the milestones, the game changers, the scary cliff-jumping moments that allow us to spread our wings and see how high we can fly. But these moments are only as big as the sum of all the little bits of time and choices we've lived along the way.

The evening we spent together taking pictures wasn't a big deal. It wasn't at a graduation ceremony, or the first day of a new job. It was a small moment, a couple of hours on a summer night in 2014. It was mimosas, laughter, mild protesting, and lots of silliness. But it was worth capturing, it was sisters forever.










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Friday, July 11, 2014

Family Portraits: Pasadena, CA

Family Portraits-Pasadena, 

In the coming months, this family will be saying goodbye to a place they have called home for many, many years. Knowing they would be moving soon, I jumped at the chance to document them in this moment before everything around them has changed. There will come a time for them to pack up boxes, give lingering hugs, and weepy farewells (believe me, I know). But before that time arrives, I was given a glimpse into their everyday life - dinner on the back patio, reading together on the living room couch, and strolling through the neighborhood as the sun melted behind the trees.

It was these ordinary life-giving, joy-choosing moments that I wanted to capture, to help store in their memories. Once those boxes have found their way to a new home and the dust has settled, maybe, just maybe, these images will help them remember more clearly the path they have walked, the adventure they are taking, and the journey that is not yet complete.

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-000

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-001

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-003

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-004

Family Photo Shoot

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-005

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-006

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-007

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-008

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-009

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-010

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-011

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-012

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-013

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-015

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-017

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-020

Family Portraits-Pasadena, CA-019

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