Friday, July 16, 2010

Boomtown Tees & a FREE Giveaway!

Well, it's Friday! This has been one long week I must say. Anyone else feel like that? If so, I'm hoping this will brighten your day.

See, there's this amazing pizza place downtown called Joe Momma's. You know the one.

And the fabulous owner of Joe Momma's just opened a little store right next door called Boomtown Tees. And it is equally as magical.

boomtown tees

They sell original t-shirts that are Tulsa and Oklahoma related. Basically they just rock.

boomtown tees

Are you serious with that Turkey Mountain shirt? I'm dying.

boomtown tees

The color in this place makes my heart smile. Even the floor comes alive!

boomtown tees

boomtown tees

I also might like that my polaroid prints of neon signs have found a home. It's like they are right where they belong. Unless of course you think they belong in your home because you can buy them here if you so desire :)

boomtown tees

They also have vintage tees. Looking through this stash is like walking down memory lane. You should try it.

boomtown tees

boomtown tees

boomtown tees

There they are again!
boomtown tees

This is Jansen. He bought the Turkey Mountain shirt.
boomtown tees

He also actually had this wallet for awhile. But he kept thinking it was a piece of paper and would throw it away! So beware if you choose to buy this stylish thing.
boomtown tees

This is my hottie. He actually modeled these glasses for me. And that my friends, never happens. He likes this place too.

boomtown tees

boomtown tees

I'm jut really excited about this red wall. I can't help it.

boomtown tees

This place is a perfect combination of quirky and vintage and just plain fun. If you know Blake Ewing, you know this place reflects him to a tee. Ha! I love stupid puns.

boomtown tees

boomtown tees

boomtown tees

And this random kid just happens to be pimping Erin Conrad Photography. She's got style, that's for sure.

boomtown tees

So in honor of how excited I am that downtown keeps getting cooler and cooler...
boomtown tees

I'm offering a FREE print of this neon sign polaroid to one of my readers.

neon signs: erin sees tulsa

All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling me one thing you love about Tulsa! And you don't have to live here. I'd love to hear from anyone!

I'll announce the winner on Monday so get to thinking...

And happy, happy Friday! Pin It


Kate Huggins said...

I love the diversity... the promise... and the joy I get from Tulsa.

Ony any given night you can find a list of fun, unique and entertaining things to do.

Go down any block downtown and you can find a new restaurant or shop preparing to open and create a new place to hang out and support local vendors with...

and it all brings me joy... to see such fun and exciting things happening in my hometown. I feel like as I grow into my niche in the city... the city is growing with all of us... giving everyone a corner to call their own.

Carrisa said...

Just one thing? Nah.

I love how easy it is to navigate this city. That I can drive downtown and back in an hour. That I am every day learning new and wonderful things about this city because of people like Tasha and you and the Food Blog.

I love Tulsa.

Karmen said...

I love that 2 of my favorite people live in Tulsa (e & J of course) - and that it is on the books for a joint art show in the not-so-distant future!

magicmageara said...

I love so many things about Tulsa, and growing up here was such a treat!

One of the things I love is that even though Tulsa is a large city, it has a small community feel - I pretty much run into someone I know everywhere I go. And there is so much to do and see; tons of Farmer’s Markets, spots along Route 66, historic homes, beautiful museums and we have over 100 parks to wander around in. I particularly love walking in the park barefoot and feeling the grass between my toes, but maybe that's just me. ;-)

The historic districts in midtown are absolutely amazing and I love that our downtown districts are budding and blossoming into such an ecclectic collection of tiny shops, yummy restaurants and entertainment hot spots. I love the jazz that plays in the summer for free in Utica Square. I love watching the children playing in the water parks off of Riverside Drive. I love the Admiral Twin Drive-In theater, the excitement of 4th of July on the river, and just tooling around the Brady Arts and Blue Dome districts exploring new places or meeting old friends at Caz's bar. We have Cain's Ballroom, the Brady Theater and so many other cool and historic places for musical experiences as well.

I am so proud of Tulsa for pulling out of the hard times with such grace and integrity - and I cannot WAIT to see what the next few years will bring for our amazing big (yet little) town!

Jen @ Life with Jen and Ronnie said...

Am I allowed to say what I love is that I've been there and done that. Lived in Tulsa for almost a year and am glad to be back "home". I do love that Tulsa was the first place I ever ate frozen custard- I miss you Shakeys!

sarahplaintall said...

I love Tulsa because two of my favorite roomies ever live there!

Beautiful photos, E! So proud of you. I really enjoy reading your blog each day!

Love and MISS you, girlie!

Sara said...

I really love free and fabulous splash pads. They are a dream for mommies with toddlers!! lol

aron said...
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Kim Henning said...

I love Tulsa because I feel like I get to know it through the best photog ever through your blog. I also love it cause you and J live there!

VMT said...

I love Tulsa because it was "the big city" when I was growing up in Claremore and now that I live here, it has fulfilled my big city dreams, and more.

kane said...

I grew up in Tulsa and then moved to Claremore. Although I like Claremore, I really love Tulsa. It is so rich with history and it holds so many really good memories for me. I've got a 7yr old boy and he loves coming to Tulsa, loves walking downtown to look at all the big buildings and thinks that the tunnels are amazing. I love being able to teach him about diversity and introducing new things to him that he wouldn't otherwise get in Claremore. His name is Kane and I CANNOT wait to take him to his first concert at Cain's. Growing up I always thought that "there's nothing to do here" but now that I'm a grown-up there's litereally something cool/new to do every weekend in Tulsa. Tulsa will always be home to me, love the 918!

Trait said...

I love the art deco architecture. It's a physical link to our unique history as an oil town. When I'm downtown, I wish the buildings could talk and tell me what they have witnessed over the years.

Sasha said...

Hey Erin!

I love that Tulsa has a ton of international food grocers, allowing me to cook and eat my way around the world.

I'm always looking for strange ingredients and would be stuck if it weren't for Tulsa's awesomeness.

YAY, Tulsa!

Sasha @ Global Table Adventure

P.S. Looking forward to that cold coffee :)